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Fireworks by PES
From: PES
Uploaded On: Nov 08, 2018
Feature Suggestions
Make an app you boomer I would like to have that old YouTube on an app for easier access, but not with you forcefully asking to use the app.
Suggestion by: PoopDestroyerSaltyHQ
hi hi
Suggestion by: MasterMauro
Better Quality Can you boost quality up to 360 to 480p, plz?
Suggestion by: kidcudifake
Add option to report users We should have a option to report VidLii channels in case of spam
Suggestion by: DBZFan04
Resend account activation link Dear Vidlii operator
If you could request a new account activation link for your mailbox, if you did not receive the activation link, that would be really good, because then you could really verify yourself!
I wish this feature, because with me unfortunately no activation link and so my account is not yet activated!

That would be really nice if this feature were available in the future!
Suggestion by: Janibunny2014
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