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Making Witches My Bitches [How to Kill the Witch SUCCESSFULLY]
From: Merk
Uploaded On: May 21, 2018
Feature Suggestions
Groups I think, Someone mentioned it already. But I would like the Groups, Since it will give the classic youtube feel, Like creating your own Groups, Upload videos to a group, Subscribe to groups, group comment etc.

Yeah I hope you understand this! ~ Jade The Rabbit
Suggestion by: JadeTheRabbit
A lot of changes I'll be more frecuenty here if the users could add annotations, add groups and multi-language support (french, spanish, german, italian, etc)
Suggestion by: ddrmaster2009
Older browser support How about fixing some issues with older browsers? For now only browser that loads this page on XP is newest Firefox which is obv not too accurate
Suggestion by: piotrexMaster
dark theme dark theme
Suggestion by: gamermoments
Ride The Serpent.
Suggestion by: RyanKettleton
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@Skypilynqq callese yo les refería a los calvos sexuales soviéticos y a Donald Trump no a ustedes
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Deberíamos aventarnos un rap Anti escorias después jajajaja.
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Charlie termino siendo multi de mario ni modo
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Exacto, yo prefiero no dar la cara que hacer el ridículo como esa bola de culeros llamados vloggers. deberíamos de crearnos
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@TonyTurismo that's right! 1776! 1776!