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Jana shows her Puma Fast Cat white light blue
From: JanaFantasticShoes
Uploaded On: Nov 25, 2018
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AGK Plays RainBow.EXE get sucked by four
Suggestion by: Elyas1430
embedded i love featured of videos from other websites.
Suggestion by: iloveanime721
Annotations You guys could add annotations, it would be great!
Suggestion by: Oldcpv3
ANNOTATIONS and THUMBNAILS Youtube recently removed annotations, so it would be a fun stab at them to enable them for vidlii. Also, the ability to add thumbnails for all users, not just partners. Other than that, GREAT SITE!! I appreciate the effort you guys have taken to create a cool portal back to internet video sites of 2005!
Suggestion by: LoganNova
Website Layout changing the website layout
Suggestion by: Klock
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Recent Comments
On Video: Let´s Play Little Dragon...
By: JanibunnyChan
@Queerdenker Jup, das ist es auch :) Und das heißt auch für mich, dass ich immer weniger frühere Reuploads von Youtube
On Video: Let´s Play Little Dragon...
By: Queerdenker
@JanibunnyChan Wow 25 Minuten. Das ist in der Tat ein schönes Nikolaus Geschenk von Vidlii. Das freut mich echt für alle
On Video: Flipping off The EU (No i...
By: Bloxed
Thank fuck I'm leaving the EU!
On Video: Let´s Show Together Luig...
By: JanibunnyChan
@Queerdenker Gern geschehen :D Immer wieder gerne :)
On Video: Let´s Show Together Luig...
By: Queerdenker
Danke für dieses Video :-)