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Age: 16
I make YouTube Poops, game reviews, and other wacky stuff. If you like what you see, then rate, favorite and subscribe (and share with your friends because I gotta get this around to everyone).
Interests: memes, video games, Japan, music, and animation
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Andrew Plays Pac-Land for the PC En...
Time to check out one of my favorite platformers and one of my favorite games from the almighty Namco!
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YouTube Poop - Vote For Beetlejuice...
This took me 2 days to make in Final Cut Pro X. Remember when Beetlejuice of The Howard Stern Show ran for the New York Senate? Whether or not you rem...
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YouTube Poop - Francine is the Wors...
@WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW while not blind, Arthur has poor vision and needs his glasses to see
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