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iloveanime721 commented on a video (3 days ago)
can a christian be save just becaus...
@protensyde but what he's saying is even though homosexual is wrong, getting to heaven is easy. getting to heavenis like a lock door for al...
iloveanime721 commented on a video (5 days ago)
can a christian be save just becaus...
and I forgot to mention, a lot of the media Christianity is watered down. even in churches, many society played the so-called good role. the unrepente...
iloveanime721 commented on a video (6 days ago)
can a christian be save just becaus...
i don't condone homosexuality. but it also doesn't means he's in the right neither. being known fo being a celebrity christian. celebrity christianity...
iloveanime721 commented on a video (1 week ago)
Shenmue - QTE - PC Gameplay
you don't have to respond, i'm responding to this game. imo shenmue is different but it's good. but the who disappointing part was i wanted to see the...
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iloveanime721 (5 days ago)
it's not over some really funny dealing with issue that can easily land someone in prison over something dumb and never get a blessing out of life. i gotta face the fact that it's ok not to have alot of friends and only have little friends. blessings matters. but fighting over dumb stuff just to get into hot water and waste your own blessing is not right
iloveanime721 (5 days ago)
@that1problem. sure. but it's not about trust. formost ofthe social media, becuase i grew out of dramas, i'm trying to stay away from messes like this. mratandreithomas viewed me over the past edray incident. in order for me to have a blessing in life, i have to severed from the physical things. social media is bad. for the most part it became bad. i no longer want to associate with the dramas here when i know i'm dealing with my rl issues better than anyone.
that1problem (5 days ago)
can you trust me again?
iloveanime721 (5 days ago)
*cont* people.
iloveanime721 (5 days ago)
kinda hurts when you have to deal with rl strife and scenerios when social media people get you involved in meaningless dramas. yet the world talks about conservatism and liberation solvings and everybody wants to compare themselves to Jesus Christ. kinda funny how the system acts so godly and conservative acting basedon Jesus Christ to the point of people don't care how other people feel. yet people walk around pretend that they're s holy tothe point unholiness lived in the hearts of those same
DeepEnd (6 days ago)
hi again, how are you?
iloveanime721 (6 days ago)
note: i want to move on from the unecessary dramas. if anyone wants to start with me, i'd suggest not associating with me. if i want my blessings, i have to avoid alot of unecessary dramas. please keep this channel clean
hailee (1 week ago)
Hey there, Mr. Ila721

You're talking to a fake deykat.
WeirdoDash27 (1 week ago)
You should become a religion teacher!
iloveanime721 (1 week ago)
i'm going to keep pachrisi, deepkey. AnthonyGiarrusso, jeremyponnie1999 as my friends. from now on, i'm unfriending everyone. there's no need to make friends with anyone who winds up treating me as a ghost
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