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We are the deciples of Anthony Giarrusso the Executive Motivational Speaker a.k.a. Yellow Polo Giarrusso & King Anthony
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AGFanClub (4 months ago)
Anthony Giarrusso's video"Animal Encounters Anthony Giarrusso Episode 6 Sandpiper Footage" actually has real animal footage instead of him just telling stories. This ids great because some people don't get a chance to see sandpipers in the wild.
AGFanClub (4 months ago)
It is a very good thing that Anthony Giarrusso helps people like us navigate Vidlii with his video "Vidlii Help Anthony Giarrusso" which is just such a blessing we believe.
AGFanClub (4 months ago)
"Introduction Vision Anthony Giarrusso" is a strong intro for "Wonders of Anthony Giarrusso" which is his book you can buy at LULU and Amazon!
AGFanClub (4 months ago)
Anthony's great video "Stand Up For Yourself, Respect Yourself, And Do Your Job Well" helps people understand why we all should tell the truth and stand up for yourselves then not cover up for others.
YTPMark (4 months ago)
AGFanClub (4 months ago)
Anthony Giarrusso made a video "Popsicle Motivation." This video will help parents with their kids and teens in theory!
MrEddie60 (4 months ago)
im fan of it anythony
AGFanClub (4 months ago)
We will be post content with regards to Anthony Giarrusso and repost our favorite Anthony Giarrusso videos and links. We will even make a big fuss about Anthony Giarrusso because that is what fan clubs are for.
retroman4443 (4 months ago)
AGFanClub (4 months ago)
AGFanClub Welcome to AGFC (Anthony Giarrusso Fan Club), we hope you enjoy!
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