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Age: 17
I make YouTube Poops, game reviews, and other wacky stuff. If you like what you see, then rate, favorite and subscribe (and share with your friends because I gotta get this around to everyone).
Interests: memes, video games, Japan, music, and animation
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AndrewAmbrose commented on a video (1 day ago)
Lupin Playing Mario
@Kotek and Lupin ain't happy about it
AndrewAmbrose commented on a video (5 days ago)
Ys 1 & 2 (PC Engine CD) - Feena - F...
@Garfieldvikernes 100% agreed
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Ys 1 & 2 (PC Engine CD) - Feena - F...
My first Famicom Disk System cover! Feena, the main theme of Nihon Falcom's classic 1987 action-RPG "Ys", is easily one of my favorite video game song...
AndrewAmbrose favorited a video (5 days ago)
King Kong 2 (MSX2) - Game Start and...
Konami absolutely dominated MSX and MSX2; not just with their games, but also with their game soundtracks. Easily one of my favorite examples of this ...
AndrewAmbrose favorited a video (1 week ago)
Super Dodge Ball (NES) - Title Scre...
I wanted to bring some of the Nekketsu series' fantastic music to the Master System's PSG (especially considering the awesome job that was done with t...