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Age: 42
Welcome to the Kosher Network, Dr. Kosher's Domain of retro videogame and DVD reviews, rants and other findings in the Nerd culture. If it's nerdy, it's here!
Interests: Superhero costuming, Video and Audio Production and most importantly Drawing, both freehand and electronically via computer.
Movies: MTV's Short-lived Sifl and Olly Show,'s Angry VideoGame Nerd, Robot Chicken and Family Guy
Music: Various Musical Comedians: Weird Al Yankovic, Steve Goodie, Arrogant Worms, Moosebutter and several others to list.
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DoctorKosher1978 commented on a video (1 year ago)
How to Ban Users from Your Discord ...
Nice one, Bard! Keep up the excellent work!
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DoctorKosher1978 commented on a video (3 years ago)
Message to Erik Mokracek
@Thisnameiswaytoolong Just search VidLii with the keywords "Candy Central," or "Truth About Me," and if his name, EmmyLovesPotatoChips pops up, click ...
DoctorKosher1978 commented on a video (3 years ago)
Erik Mokracek on Vidlii?! WTF?!
Well, shit. There goes the community.
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