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Whiskey lover

Lover of Asian women

ᚺᚨᛁᛚ ᚷᛟᛞᛋ ᛟᚠ ᚹᚨᚱ
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moonman69420 (3 months ago)
I hate all niggers, but I admit I feel bad
For your nephews and nieces, for the nasty farts they had
To endure at the hands of you and your sister
I'm gonna give that nasty bitch a Texas-titty twister

Pedotania was gross, her farts smelled like shit
I just insulted her, and you will do nothing about it
All you're gonna do is make more empty threats
You're so boring it's the only reaction we'll get
UnblockableSamurai (3 months ago)
UnblockableSamurai (3 months ago)
@ThePitbullDOGang You're a gay nigger, threatening to bite me with your tooth gap! You can bark, but you can't bite! Just for that, I'm gonna shit on Pedotania even more! Since you keep threatening to find me, why don't you do it already? You coward! You pedophile! You child molester! I'm not making the world fucked up, I'm just triggering your snowflake ass!
UnblockableSamurai (3 months ago)
@ThePitbullDOGang You're a pedophile! You're a coward! I proved you were on the right side of the car, and it wasn't mirrored! You deleted my friend's comment for pointing that out! You're the biggest coward ever! You molest kids! The normal looking logo proves it wasn't mirrored! I use real logic! You use pedophile logic! Your pedophile logic isn't about facts, it's about whatever fits your narrative!
UnblockableSamurai (3 months ago)
@ThePitbullDOGang You're a sperg! You're a nigger! You're a pedophile! You're a child molester! You've been exposed! You tried to lie saying you drove on your own, but that was bullshit! We caught you riding on the right, and then you lied saying it was mirrored! We found the logo on your hat looking normal, it wasn't even backwards like it'd be in a mirrored video! I'm gonna keep shitting on Pedotania's memory! She's a filthy nigger freak! She's a child molester!
vandron (3 months ago)
KingOvHell (4 months ago)
ThePitbullDOGang's theme song below!
KingOvHell (4 months ago)
@ThePitbullDOGang Why did you hide your channel, you pussy ass baby raper? I'm going to make sure that you suffer, you'll find out what I mean soon ;) Running and hiding is pointless!
Kasumi (4 months ago)
I'm sorry, I'm not the best at talking to people. We can give you space though, we don't want to create problems.
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