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I think Layne is just extremely edgy even with the mental illnesses and overdramaticizies everything against them to make it seem like they're the victim
Interests: The Caretaker
Movies: I hate them
Music: The Caretaker
Books: You mean manga?
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The text the guy reads are pages 241 - 243 of the book Timequake by Kurt Vonnegut. The footage used is from a bike safety PSA titled "One Got Fat" The...
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@Darning This is actually a good thing cause his first video got blacklisted from Youtube for showing footage of Budd Dwyer.
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This video of 01A51CD0 has been blacklisted from Youtube, so good thing you archived this. Facts about this video: The politician in the video is Bud...
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Pico VS Pico
Nice pun. Pico plays a Sega Pico.
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[Deleted Episode] NES Classic Editi...
Mr. Weebl made the annoying narwhal song my mom annoys me with whenever I play with my cute narwhal plush. Anyway, this narration sounds like he's goi...
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