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Jun 11, 2017
Hello and welcome to my weather project on VidLii.

Here you can see different weather videos of all kinds.

Since 2009 I am already working on this project.

If you are interested and want to see more videos of it, subscribe to my channel.

No videos at the moment, because of converting the videos. It does not work properly anymore.

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Lightstorm91 April 27, 2021: I would upload more videos, but the converter doesn't really work. So it is unfortunately impossible. Also follows my BitView channel: (2 weeks ago)
Lightstorm91 I uploaded a video and see that it is currently the 290th video on queue. WTF?! (1 month ago)
Lightstorm91 April 1, 2021: For a long time there is an entry from me again. I think I will also upload videos here. The star ratings are turned off. You can find me on BitView too. (1 month ago)
Lightstorm91 June 25, 2020: Just forgot to mention that there is a new video on June 20, 2020: Longest day of the year (10 months ago)
Lightstorm91 June 13, 2020: Today several thunderstorm cells were raging at our place. The first one was intense, but a little distant from me. The second occurred around 3 pm, also in distant, again. The 3rd thunderstorm came around 5 pm from southeast and weakened to us. It thundered until after 8 pm. It rained a lot until that time. 2 new videos are in creation and will be uploaded on my site. There are no more videos here. But you should know that. (11 months ago)
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Markhoss (8 months ago) And when it comes to ads I say this VidLii may be the only ad website I use because let's be honest what other website will hold to they're word? Design is one thing and if you stick to the right people you can find great friends not just on VidLii, I am using a non ad browser called palemoon it's oldschool looking of course and I only use it for specialized websites which I appreciate, nobody said we have to pay yeah they want attention but the ads aren't all that bad, it's just boxes.:-)
Markhoss (8 months ago) Lightstorm it's about sticking to the right friendly people not just the design of the website I learned to be optimistic even in the worst case scenario and in fact any website can be friendly even youtube as long as you don't make money you'll be appreciated.
Lightstorm91 (8 months ago) @Markhoss
I will not say much about VidLii. Hardly anything has happened for over a year now. The community only uploads crap here. The positive thing is, as you mention, the classic design of YouTube. It brings people to the site who are looking for it.
Lightstorm91 (8 months ago) @Markhoss
Hello :) I had to think long and hard whether I would dare to come back here. There was only a short comeback with all new videos. Unfortunately it seems that the community gave me a bad rating on purpose. After that the video is gone again. I did not know that you suddenly had panic attacks. Now I'm here again, but without videos. There is no sense here anymore. Besides, I have even less time lately. It is private.
Markhoss (8 months ago) "VidLii is hard to come off right? No other thing seems to replicate it, everything that does shuts down but somehow this continues to stay. There can be other examples, there can be other websites with that design but design is one thing and hosting it's videos is another. VidLii is what people are desperately looking for but can't find and that makes me tear up these people deserve better then that and VidLii is the last place that offers this experience."
Markhoss (8 months ago) I am so happy you came back my friend welcome back! Believe it or not when you deleted your channel I had an instant panic attack and was desperate to find your website until I realized you gave me your contact on discord so all the sweat could be wiped of my forehead.
CrystalFairy (10 months ago) hey are u here?
TheVideoGamer64 (11 months ago) Same here buddy. I found an old Atari 2600 controller at the thrift store and got a good deal on it, so I'm doing great lol.:)
Lightstorm91 (11 months ago) @TheVideoGamer64 I'm great and yourself?
TheVideoGamer64 (11 months ago) Thanks. :) How are you?
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