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My name is Gotwo I am the clone of Kid Goku.

My channel is dedicated to archiving the late DrewPicklesIsSwell1957's rant videos.

Might make some new videos in the future.
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Drew Pickles Rants: Drake the Inhuman From: SonGoto
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SonGoto commented on a video (10 months ago)
(OLD VIDEO) LTA: Crappy Games Wiki
May I ask were you DrewPicklesisSwell1957?
SonGoto commented on a video (11 months ago)
Ash and Serena Amourshipping Amv Me...
amour shitting sucks Pokeshipping 4Life and 90's are cooler than the retarded 2010's.
SonGoto commented on a video (1 year ago)
Drew Pickles Rants: Drake the Inhum...
Goddamn do I miss cussing on YouTube! Susan W you're a fucking cunt!
SonGoto commented on a video (1 year ago)
Drew Pickles Double Feature: 03BGoo...
@DeadSpinner1 I didn't get those Archived he up and left when COPPA was announced.
SonGoto commented on a video (1 year ago)
Bad YouTubers: Fun Kids Smile
Yeah the modern internet and entertainment sucks. I wish I could've lived in the 1990's.
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SniperKing324 (4 months ago)
DrakeTheHuman is pretty much the worst false flagger.
Sonulianic (5 months ago)
@oniChan907, Erik is a pedophile who makes videos of underage characters taking shits on toilets.
OniChan907 (3 years ago)
Who is Erik?
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