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Peter Caine Dog Training is owned by Peter Caine. Mr.Caine is a dog trainer, artist and comedian. Mr. Caine also does political commentary, Cooking videos, Bigfoot Research, UFO's and Aliens, Pigeons & Raven Husbandry and Hunting Videos with his two hunting dogs Ike and Tonka, Labrador and German Shorthaired Pointer bird dog.
Peter is owner of the only known physical evidence of Sasquatch, Bigfoot and Yeti's. After eating Bigfoot meat his debilitating hip was no longer a problem. The Power of Bigfoot.
Peter works the Cornell University, The Smithsonian and MIT. The observation has been made Bigfoot is of Alien origin is based the Finger Lakes region of New York State.
We work with dogs with behavioral problems, any behavioral problem. Training of Service dogs, Hunting dogs and house dogs.
Obedience type dog training for New York City ,Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey, and some parts of Pennsylvania

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