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Jan 02, 2019
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hello I am Bugsy noname and welcome to my channel I do movie reviews, game reviews, comic reviews, and cartoon reviews my videos are usually comprised with a lot of characters so don't be alarmed if you hear a few different voices I'm also the biggest Ranter that you'll ever meet also I have a tendency to swear a lot and my videos are not technically family-friendly just telling you what you're getting yourself into when you click on my videos another thing is I do a lot of lets plays as well so
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What a Cartoon! Edited - Butt 'n' D...
After 3 months of on-and-off work, here it finally is: the long awaited Boid 'n' Woim edit. Nothing to really say here other than I liked making it...
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@Uzume sorry for the late reply but what do you mean by that
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